Author: Carl Cincinnato

Medicinal Cannabis For Migraine: A Patient Guide

Is marijuana for pot smokers or are there legitimate medicinal applications for cannabis? This article looks at the evidence for medicinal cannabis to treat migraine. If you can withhold judgment until the end, you might be surprised by the controversy, political agendas, misinformation and the scientific reality of this topic.

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Does Fat Or Obesity Cause Migraine Attacks?

According to the US Centre for Disease Control (the CDC) more than 35% of US adults are obese and over 34% are overweight. This weight issue is three times more common today than in the previous generation. Weight is clearly something that affects most of us. But does it cause migraine, or make it worse?

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50 Famous People With Migraine

Migraine does not discriminate amongst leaders, presidents, artists, actors, elite athletes, singers, authors and others who have made significant achievements and contributions to our society, culture, and history. With migraine comes discrimination, stigma and social ostracism. Given the unpredictability of migraine and the often disabling nature of attacks, it requires an unusually brave person to speak out publicly about their migraine attacks. 

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15 Reasons Why You Wake Up With A Migraine

Almost half of all migraine attacks occur between 4 am and 9 am. Waking with a migraine or headache is common. The time of the attack can be an important clue in finding the appropriate cause, treatment and prevention. This article lists a number of potential causes, treatment and prevention strategies.

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Topiramate (Topamax) Review For Migraine

Topamax is a billion dollar blockbuster drug used to help prevent migraine and epilepsy. It’s one of the most commonly prescribed migraine preventative drug in the USA. So what is Topamax or it’s generic name Topiramate? How effective is it according to the scientific evidence and patient surveys?

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