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50 Famous People With Migraine

Migraine does not discriminate amongst leaders, presidents, artists, actors, elite athletes, singers, authors and others who have made significant achievements and contributions to our society, culture, and history. With migraine comes discrimination, stigma and social ostracism. Given the unpredictability of migraine and the often disabling nature of attacks, it requires an unusually brave person to speak out publicly about their migraine attacks. 

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Leaky Gut And Migraine

Recent findings between the gut microbiota and the brain suggest that our microbiota can deeply influence our health, brain and potentially even our behaviour.  This article reviews evidence for those gut conditions associated with migraine and what you can do about it. Is your microbiota playing a role in your migraine condition?

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The Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis

What happens in our gut may have a profound impact on what happens in our brain. Researchers are edging closer to understanding how gut microbiota could potentially influence conditions like depression, autism, epilepsy and migraine. Animal studies have shown profound impacts on the way the microbiome can affect health and a range of conditions including autism, obesity and MS. Do these findings translate across into humans and what are the implications for us?

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Breakthrough in the Migraine Funding Crisis

Funding for migraine and headache disorders is so poorly misaligned to the scale of disability and economic cost that we can no longer ignore it. The lack of migraine and headache funding has stalled the development of better treatments, support and solutions for decades. The consequences have rippled across our hospitals, homes and to our quality of life.

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Dangerous Migraine Myths

For over a century migraine has been blamed on the patient and yet despite the advancement of information and technology, dangerous and shocking migraine myths are still widespread. The more these myths can be dispelled, the quicker we can progress to finding better treatment and reducing the stigma of this disabling condition.

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Toxic Ingredients Hiding In Your Food

The brain is generally resilient, but there are certain areas within the brain which are very sensitive. Excitotoxins disrupt the delicate chemical balance in the brain which can lead to serious side effects and neurodegenerative disease. Find out how these foods ingredients affect your brain and which foods you’re eating could be making your condition worse.

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