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Medicinal Cannabis For Migraine: A Patient Guide

Is marijuana for pot smokers or are there legitimate medicinal applications for cannabis? This article looks at the evidence for medicinal cannabis to treat migraine. If you can withhold judgment until the end, you might be surprised by the controversy, political agendas, misinformation and the scientific reality of this topic.

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Topiramate (Topamax) Review For Migraine

Topamax is a billion dollar blockbuster drug used to help prevent migraine and epilepsy. It’s one of the most commonly prescribed migraine preventative drug in the USA. So what is Topamax or it’s generic name Topiramate? How effective is it according to the scientific evidence and patient surveys?

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Free Music For Migraine, Sleep Or Stress

Researchers found that patients experienced less anxiety and anger after listening to pleasant music and that listening to positive music induced corresponding emotional states in the participants. This isn’t suggesting music will cure a migraine but findings revealed that pleasant music reduced pain. Come again…. Pleasant music reduces pain? Find out what type of music in this article.

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Botox For Migraine

Botox is a billion dollar business which is fuelled not only by cosmetic procedures, but also for medical conditions. Chronic migraine has recently been added to the list of conditions for which regulatory bodies around the world have approved the use of Botox as a legitimate treatment. This article reviews the results, evidence and whether Botox warrants our serious consideration or not. 

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