Author: Carl Cincinnato

How Much Is Too Much? Medication Overuse Headaches

If you experience daily migraine attacks or headaches, there is a 30%-50% chance you overuse acute medications. When that happens it may only be a matter of time before you become reliant on regular medications to feel “normal”. Medication overuse headaches trap millions of people each year, but only a fraction of those people are even aware of it. Find out how you can avoid it in this comprehensive guide.

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Toxic Ingredients Hiding In Your Food

The brain is generally resilient, but there are certain areas within the brain which are very sensitive. Excitotoxins disrupt the delicate chemical balance in the brain which can lead to serious side effects and neurodegenerative disease. Find out how these foods ingredients affect your brain and which foods you’re eating could be making your condition worse.

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Concussion, Whiplash & Migraine Related Injuries

Millions of people each year in the US suffer from head or neck injuries which can affect our migraine condition. Around 1 in 7 daily chronic headaches are due to head or neck injury. Concussion and whiplash are two of the most common head and neck injuries which often go unreported. People may feel fine right after the incident, but get worse later. You might be someone who experienced a concussion or whiplash and not even realised it.  

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